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Our founder, Lee Anderson, has been involved with all facets of transportation since 1976. After obtaining a B.S. degree from the University of California at Irvine in Information and Computer Science, he started to provide transportation companies with computer software.

From parcels to truckloads, air, ocean, chemicals, gasoline and even refuse, there has been a full breadth of exposure to the details of moving goods and recording those activities.

Softblend was founded in 1995 to concentrate on container drayage. This focus has since expanded to include warehousing and supply chain applications to provide additional capabilities to our customers.

Our systems and software can be purchased or "Time-Shared" on our servers with an internet connection. Time Sharing will reduce the entry cost for the smaller carrier or warehouse as they build their business. When the time is right, a local server can be installed and the data files transferred. The exact same programs will then be functioning at the customer facility.

The database is designed with web access capabilities. By setting up a login for your customer and uploading a logo, they can have personalized access. Inquiries and reports can be run from the customers data and be displayed in real-time as status changes occur.

We are located in Huntington Beach, CA which is close to the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports as well as numerous warehouse facilities.

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  (310) 505-4004