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The Availability sub system allows for the entry and modification of new files, exam and booking updates, and equipment control functions.

The Master File Number is entered and sub-files are created as needed for each containter to be moved. The main screen is used for data entry and customer service. Over 20 sub-screens can be accessed from this program, without exiting to a menu. Utilizing these functions, customer service representatives can quickly update and supply accurate information.

These screens include:

  • Tracing - any file by file number, container, booking number, shippers ref...

  • Dispatch - summary and detail records of all sub-files associated with the master file.

  • Remarks - unlimited remarks entry for a master file or individual sub files.

  • Address - full screen showing shipper, consignee and bill to information with contact information and hard copy options.

  • Quote - Full Container, LTL or Air Freight quotations and inquiries. Special Rates can be customized for a particular customer and the customers consignee.

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